Looking for a refreshing evening of soulful entertaining music? Do you want to provide your clients/vendors a chance to savour the beauty of traditional music of India? Whatever the occasion - from social get-togethers, to celebrations of any kind, to business events, introducing Indian culture to foreign guests, or just a gala evening. We provide you a tailor-made programme to suit your need.
Here are a few popular options that our audiences love:

Mystic/Sufi music: Click here

This is a much loved genre, especially with the prensentation in traditional Indian Ragas, accompanied by the warm, acoustic set-up of instruments. Compositions of the great Sufi poets of the central Asian region like the 13th century poet Amir Khusrau, Bulla Shah, Bedam Shah Warsi, Kabir, Guru Govind Singh etc are presented. Spiritual in nature, Sufi poetry promotes the spirit of equality and oneness among humans. Accompanied by the Tabla, Dholak/percussion and Harmonium/Sarangi.

Corpoarte shows: Click here

Here the performance consists of an interesting mix of foot-tapping and sometimes soul-stirring semi-classical, folk-based forms like Kajri, Chaiti, Holi, Jhoola etc., along with some Sufi songs and Ghazals thrown in. The compilation is tailor-made to suit the hosts' tastes, interests and age-group. Senior management and Board level executives find our mix very tasteful.

Wedding concerts-Music of Love: Click here

This offering is a vibrant mix of romantic songs, traditional groom/bride welcome songs, bidaa-geet, shloka and songs based on wedding rituals, where the exuberant colours of the Indian wedding are brought out. Semi-classical or folk based forms like kajri, chaiti, holi, jhoola etc., along with happy ghazal, verses from select texts like Ramcharitmanas and a few wedding-relevant retro bollywood hits are also added in. The host gets to add in their favourites too. Accompanied by 4-5 instrumentalists like Flute / Sitar/Harmonium /violin/ Sitar and Tabla /Dholak or Rhythm pad.

Ghazal shows: Click here

Ghazal of great Urdu poets from the celebrated Ghalib, Faiz, Momin, Mir, to popular poets like Farhat Shahzad, Ahmed Faraz, Shaz Tamkanat are performed in the traditional or classical style. Accompanied by the Tabla and Harmonium/Violin.

Shastriya Sangeet: Hindustani Classical Music Programme

This is a traditional Hindustani Classical Khayal recital..

Bhakti/Spiritual music:

Devotional music of poet saints of Bhakti cult like Kabir, Surdas, Meera bai, Tulsidas, Tukaram, Namdev and the Haridasas of Karnataka like Purandaradasa, Kanakadasa, etc. are presented in this programme. Languages include Hindi, Marathi and Kannada could be included. Nirguni compositions form a part of this compilation. Accompanied traditional instruments.

Indo-western fusion

New-age semi-classical and sufi music performed with Indian and western instruments like tabla, bass guitar, drums, keyboard etc.

Coloursof Diversity: Celebrating 'Unity in Diversity'

Multi-lingual spiritual/patriotic music is presented, where the compositions are sung in Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali and Punjabi. Accompanied by the Tabla, percussion and Harmonium/Violin.